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The origin of My Vet Said

Hi, and thanks for stopping by My Vet Said!

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Dr Kim and Dr Charlotte, two small animal general practitioners that met whilst working in a busy GP clinic in Brisbane, Australia. Dr Kim had the idea for us to partner together on a project for a long time and several years after planting the seed her dedication finally paid off and Dr Charlotte said yes! After the first meeting, the idea for ‘My Vet Said’ started to grow exponentially. 

During our years in general practice we both found that we struggled to ensure that pet owners had all the information they needed in the short space of time allocated to a standard consult. As time went by, we realised this wasn’t just a problem for us but many of our colleagues were having this issue as well and so the idea for for My Vet Said was developed. Through our blog (and website coming later 2021) we aim to provide information to help pet owners ensure their pets live healthy, happy lives, free from physical and emotional distress. We intend to create a one-stop-shop with everything you need to know about health conditions, behavioural challenges and general pet well-being. We are not here to replace your veterinarian, but rather support them and you, to build a relationship that ensures the best care is provided for your pet. 

Please take a look around. Your pet will thank you! If you have any questions please contact us here.

Meet Dr Kim

Dr Kim has been working in general practice since the birth of the xbox and she feels like she has been updated just about as many times! She is very excited about this latest release that has resulted in the birth of a project she has dreamed of for over 5 years…My Vet Said. She is so glad she didn’t stop nagging Dr Charlotte to come on board!

Dr Kim has spent most of her career in small animal consulting but has also worked for veterinary drug companies and studied nutrition and animal behaviour. Veterinary behaviour has always been Dr Kim’s greatest interest and has fascinated her since her uni days. She is passionate about pets as therapy and has raised pups that are now working as assistance dogs. In her spare time Dr Kim is kept busy by her 2 young boys, a cavoodle named Alfie and 4 chickens (Loveheart, Chirpy, Lucky and Isabella). Dr Kim has a never ending cycle of pets  through her home that need some emotional TLC before moving on to their happily ever afters. 

Dr Kim loves nothing more than hearing stories from clients about the strength of the bond they have with their pets, and hopes that the resources provided on My Vet Said will help continue to strengthen that bond. 

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Meet Dr Charlotte

Dr Charlotte has always had a love for animals, she was the kind of child that would cry if ants got squished. Dr Charlotte started out by studying Wildlife Science, completing an honours degree in monkey behaviour. She then completed her Veterinary Science degree and went into practice where she originally covered for Dr Kim whilst she was on maternity leave. 

After 3 years in general practice, Dr Charlotte went back to university (yes, again!) to obtain a PhD in Conservation Medicine. Throughout her PhD, she continued to work as a locum vet and also, tutored university classes for veterinary, veterinary technician and applied science students. 

Dr Charlotte is an extremely dedicated and sometimes overly cautious pet parent! Several of her pets have required specialist treatment and so feels she can really understand the vet-client dynamic from both sides. Speaking of pets, she lives with two rescue dogs Apollo and Scooby and three cats Ninja, Rocky and Adrian. It’s a mad house!

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Dr Charlotte